I’m a monster. 
There’s no way to sugarcoat it. I kill, maim, and hurt, and make no apologies.
I also take what I want. And the moment I saw her, with that body built for sex, I wanted her in my bed. I thought it would be a fling; just one wild night.
Most women melt in my arms like butter, but she stands strong. I can’t break her, which only makes me want her more. She’s not safe with me, or anyone else.

I should never have let him inside my house, or let his hands caress my body. I should have walked away when I had the chance. I let him take all of me. And I liked it.

I’m addicted to the way he makes me feel. He isn’t like the other men I’ve had in my life. There’s something dark in him.
I never thought I’d be running from the law with a gun tight against my thigh. But with blood on my hands, what can I do? 

500 Pages of gritty MC Romance with a possessive alpha male. Contains the complete Ruin Outlaws Series; BOMB, SPARK, IRON, BURN, FLAME.